Request for a feature for Silent Scope
Could you please figure out how to render the scope's surface/texture to another window? I want to make a silent scope rifle with a real LCD and it'd be much easier if this emulator could just pass it to another window.

And since the game doesn't support a light rifle, could you have the emulator take control of the X/Y position of the scope and let us control it via the mouse?

Otherwise I have to buy a component capture card, and write software to locate the scope...

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There you go, that should help.
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Um, how would that help? Are you telling me to program an emulator for myself from scratch?

Or are you suggesting that instead of me asking people who know how the emulator works, to add the feature in a few hours, that I learn how to do it from scratch in a the weeks it would take me to learn how to make a plugin?

Because your suggestion doesn't really help. At all. Do you suggest that to everyone who has a suggestion? Cause it seems quite rude. Like handing someone a hammer and some nails when they ask for someone to add features to a car or prefab house.

And I know how to code in C++, I've made a PSP game before.
I was implying that the devs don't do feature requests, especially a complicated, very specific kind of request, which you would know if you had bothered to read the rules/FAQs.
Want to stream your games? Let me know and I can help you get set up with Open Broadcaster Software.
You could have said that instead of that very rude response. When I read the rules, it just said no warez. The FAQ says nothing about requesting features

And I suggested it cause as a programmer, I didn't think it would be very complicated at all. Just find which surface it's rendering to, and bitblt it to another window. And finding the X/Y coordinates would be no more difficult than finding a gameshark code.
Obviously you have no idea how complex PS2 emulation is. Take a look at the source code and realize what you're asking is extremely hard or impossible.
Not to mention something like this would be at the bottom of the to-do list since it would be used only in a handful of games (and not that important either)
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(10-01-2009, 08:17 AM)Bositman Wrote: Obviously you have no idea how complex PS2 emulation is.


However I know how directX works, and I know the emulator works within that. And I know that there would be a location in RAM for the XY coordinated of the scope and modifying that location would move the scope.

So I know my idea is not impossible or extremely hard, or I wouldn't have suggested it.

As for being on the bottom of the list. That I understand and accept.
Well if you already have it figured it out (at least a draft) you can contact some PCSX2 members to maybe help you implement it. Most are too busy with tons of other stuff so don't expect them to stop their work to code it, but I'm sure they'll find time to answer any questions you have and/or help you in coding it. Join #pcsx2 on IRC EFnet and PM me or some other team member to get in contact.
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My opinion: Huge waste of time, so I recommend you try it yourself.
I'd also like someone to modify pcsx2 to replace all the character models in all the DBZ games with goats (With spiky hair, of course). I know the models are stored in memory, so it should be easy.

Erm...In other words, a lot of effort (Would require modifying plugin specs of both pad and gs plugins, among other things, and GSDX is already bad enough as it is), for something that has very limited appeal, isn't that useful, and results in an inferior experience to playing on the PS2 with the original hardware.

Requesting a USB plugin with lightgun support would make more sense. Of course, USB is a pain, which is one of the reasons devs haven't played much with USB plugins.

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