Request for a portable version of PCSX2
Part of the reason I love emulators is because of the fact that I can put them on a flash drive, and thus play them on any computer I go on, even computers that don't have administrative privelages.

PCSX2, however, is an exception. Because you have to install the latest revision of DirectX AND the Visual C++ package (neither of them can be installed on a non-administrative computer) in order to use PCSX2 properly, the emulator's NOT portable. There's a way to make v0.9.6 portable by adding one of the DirectX DLLs into the PCSX2 directory, but the upcoming 0.9.7 will most likely make that method useless.

Therefore, I make this request for the PCSX2 team to make a fully portable rendition of PCSX2. It CAN be done, and I want to be able to play my PS2 games wherever I go. Please consider this.

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If the neccesary software is installed already on the computer, there is no problem for the emulator to work. Another think - 0.9.7 releases aren't supported here, so that is not of this support team's concern. Another thing - to make the c++ package not neccesary, the whole emulator must be rewriten according to this. And without DirectX it's impossible to run PS2 games with reasonable speed or quality. I'm not saying it's imposible to be done, but it's worthless by my understandings. If I'm wrong, sorry.
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If you know it can be done, I don't see why you don't do it yourself.
You're using 0.9.7, means you are at least able to compile svn versions.
Moreover, moderators don't take features requests.
And finally, I don't see how it can be related to site feedback.
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I had portibilised pcsx2 0.9.6 by having some of the required dll, and using an old version of GSDX, although the computers I was using already had the c++ redist installed. (I think). adding the ability to PCSX2 to use relative paths shouldn't be too hard.

I just don't want to download the dependencies needed to compile a new version, although if I wanted too, I probable could.
If you could, then do it.
if it's not too hard, it's even better.
I'm sure it would interest a lot of people here.
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0.9.7 should be fully able to be installed in a "portable" fashion. You can download the unzippable version and extract it to Users/Documents/Programs/pcsx2, for example, which would allow you to copy in the necessary DLLs and run it that way. Include the MSVCRT runtimes and a few of the latest DirectX DLLs, and it should work.

Providing the DLLs for such a distro might be outside the scope of the PCSX2 devteam though, since really our #1 recommendation is that host systems be upgraded to the lastest microsoft runtimes (always the safest option).
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I have gotten it to run in an environment without a DX install.
PCSX2 does not behave in a portable way, you will have to configure some of the options.
not sure about the C++ distributions.

Edit: what part of the program uses these packages anyway?

Edit:according to this post, Required DLL I should have every thing I need to make it portable (at least for DX9)

I could use a launcher app to change the config file and launch PCXS2 with a command line pointing to the file.
There's one thing to prevent 0.9.7 from getting portable anywhere. Unlike 0.9.6 as long as you had pcsx2.ini in its inis folder you got it portable anywhere.

0.9.7 introduced an extra usermode.ini in which something gotta be written. Or you won't make it portable even though you had pcsx2.ini in its inis folder already but gotta run the First Time Configuration Wizard.

An example of a usermode.ini

The location of usermode.ini
Windows 7: C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local\pcsx2
Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\UserName\Local Settings\Application Data\pcsx2

I dunno why the behaviour of storing inis changed as of 0.9.7Excl, as the way of inis worked in 0.9.6 is just fine already.
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A bit of an old thread, but I was wondering too why does PCSX2 require this file or else it pops the "new install" wizard. I've tried several wizard configs, including setting everything to custom folders, yet, this folder and ini are created at the user's dir (and if deleted, the wizard pops again).

Is there a scenario which doesn't create/need this usermode.ini file?
(06-23-2010, 03:15 PM)pcsx2fan Wrote: I dunno why the behaviour of storing inis changed as of 0.9.7Excl, as the way of inis worked in 0.9.6 is just fine already.

It was not fine, as evidenced by the many people who used to post here that they couldn't get 0.9.6 to save their settings because the program files location was admin-rights only. That's at least one thing we haven't had to address on a daily basis with 0.9.7.

Furthermore, the usermode.ini is not a limiting factor in running PCSX2 from a flash drive. The file will be created on the host machine. Many "portable" forms of apps create files in LocalSettings. You'll have to flip through the First-time Wizard real quick the first time you run PCSX2 on a new machine, but you can just point it to the flash card and import the existing settings. Takes like 5 seconds. Wink

Subsequent runnings from the same computer would automatically use the flash card's ini and stuff.

The only things needed for portability are DirectX and MSVCRT DLLs, placed in the same folder as pcsx2.exe. This is the same strategy used to make plenty of other apps portable.
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