Request for a "save configuration settings" feature
I don't know how difficult this would be to implement, but seeing as many games (at least in my experience) require quite a bit of tweaking to play properly, would it be possible to add a "save configuration" feature to builds in the future?

I'll give an example:

In my case, running Star Ocean 3 and running growlanser Generations (2&3) requires not only different interlacing options, but I play GL at 2x native res and with DX10, versus SO3 requires DX9 and native res to even be playable. SO3 also requires me to use a few speed hacks and a bit of frame skipping, while GL2 and 3 run at a flawless 100% with no hacks, but needs a few clamping options changed.

Would there be a way at some point to save a game profile so that once we get a game working perfectly we could save the configuration, so each game would essentially have a tweaked "settings" file of it's own?

Also, if this feature already exists, feel free to call me a dummy as long as you tell me how to do it. Laugh

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I believe this is what you were looking for?
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(10-07-2009, 01:25 AM)boogerthe2nd Wrote: I believe this is what you were looking for?

Exactly it, thank you very much!

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