Requesting lost save Persona 3 FES
Hi! i have got no idea if i posted in the right section but here my question.

I accidently lost my save, i just beated the secong full moon boss i think in beginign of june where you fight these 2 boss that a new girl with a power like mitsuru appear

I was level 22

Im simply requesting a memory card that has a save around the same time, it would be VERY appreciated! i played around 16hour just looking everywhere and finished all quest to that point.

I just dont want to restart from the begining and i did look for saves online but they are not in memory card .ps2 one and they are all new game lv 99 or last boss wich i do not want lol.

Well thats all, if anyone could help it would be very appreciated! doesnt matter if its a few day before the boss too!

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