I recently bought the Lenovo Yoga 13 and was hoping to play ratchet and clank via PCSX2. The computer is an ultrabook running windows 8. It uses an i5-3317U (2 cores with hyper thread simulating 4 cores) It has a clocked speed of 1.7 GHz and has a max turbo frequency of 2.6 GHz. The graphics card is the Intel integrated HD 4000. It has Intel InTruâ„¢ 3D Technology, Intel Insider, and Intel Clear Video HD Technology. I was hoping to be able to play it at a steady 60 fps, but the best I can seem to manage is 40 fps, and that's sacrificing a lot in terms of graphics. What I am really looking for is a way to improve performance. Any ideas? (The hard drive is a 128gb solid state, 4gb ram)

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Ratchet & clank is really demanding.
Your CPU is quite weak for this game, and your GPu will bottleneck you too.
not much you can do except expermienting with speedhacks and setting your power plan to high performance...
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