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Hi everyone.

I'm using DS4Windows with Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit.

I have really messed up the default profile for DS4Windows by changing loads of settings and then saving them overwriting the default profile. I tried to adjust the sensitivity settings for the touchpad and by mistake I think have changed some options that I did not know enough about or needed to mess around with! Sad

Is there a way to restore the default profile to...... er.... default? If not then how can you uninstall DS4Windows including all saved profiles?

If, after your help, I manage to restore DS4W back to its original settings I would like to know the correct way of adjusting the touchpad sensitivity. The default setting is either far too sensitive or the speed is too high and it's very jumpy

I have a dual boot system running Windows 7 (as stated above) and Windows 10. In Windows 10 I have somehow managed to successfully adjust the touchpad sensitivity and its just like a touchpad would behave on a well setup laptop.

If anyone can help me I will be very grateful.

Many thanks in advance. Smile

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Moving to tools discussion, this is nothing to do with pcsx2
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I'm sorry I posted in the wrong place. Smile

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