Resident Evil 4 Mouse control
Hullo, I am trying to use mouse aim for Resident Evil 4, where I can aim by right clicking and using WASD to move, and left click to shoot. But I am having serious problems trying to use right and left click, it just wont work. I configured nuvee ps2 usb plugin for mouse and keyboard, but I am just stuck.

If anyone could help me here, it would be great. Biggrin


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try using the lilypad plugin.
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The steam HD Edition is much better than the PS2 version IMO. For only $12 (holiday offer) it is totally worth it. Some people might not like its controls but I think they are the smoothest and it is the best port to date. I tried my RE4 PCSX2 with mouse and it didn't work out very well, the aiming feel sluggish compared to the native PC port, not strange considering it is meant to be played with a controller.

If you insist to play this game with M&K then I think this is the best version.

Sorry if the answer was slightly off your question but I think it is worth mentioning.
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