Resident Evil 4 <U> Framerate issue
I've searched on the subject for about an hour, but I haven't seen anyone with the same problem that I have on RE4. If there is a thread about it, direct me to it, but I'll make this for now while I'm searching for a solution.

My problem is, most easily described with an in game scenario. When you start the game, and leon is standing, facing towards the first Ganados' house, the game runs at about 40-45 frames per second. However, if I turn around, and look towards the bridge, I begin to run the game at 60 frames per second.

When I approach the house, I reach 60 frames per second, but when I face towards the truck (and pathway it opens after it rams the officer's car off the road), I shoot back down to 40-45 frames per second. I think I may be having some kind of rendering issue.

My processor is an AMD Athlon 64 x2 Dual Core processor, with 3.20 GHZ per side (6400 mhz). I'm running on vista32 with 2g of RAM, and my video card is a Nvidia 9600GT (512 VRAM).

Any advice on how to speed up the framerate would be appreciated. If this is the maximum framerate that my machine, or the emulator, is expecting to run the game at, then that is fine by me, I'm just curious as to wether I can improve the framerate or not.

By the way, I can run monster hunter at 60 FPS at all times. Nice job on the emulator guys, keep up the great work Smile Any help is appreciated!

PS: I see alot of requests for speedhack settings. I have tried varying formats of these (with the GSDX 890 SSE2 graphics plugin), but nothing does anything whatsoever (for this and FFX) For now, we will assume that I am running stock settings for speedhacks.

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Having frame rate drops is normal in all 3D games, especially since the SSE2 is like one of the most basic sets for the gsdx plugin. The SSSE3 and SSE4.1 and above are faster.

The frame rate drops are very common in graphic intensive scenes like wideshots or when there are a lot of enemies on screen.
Alrighty, thanks a bunch.
Hey im just curious how do you have you're pcsx2 setup because I got the same comp as you well I got a laptop but the same ***** and I couldn't get a game to run 60 fps mine was like 40-45 then it would drop down in more detailed areas or crowded areas pretty much same problem as you but you got yours running way higher lol and is re4 playable because if so im gonna grab it off my friend and try it out but yeah
As Dadaluma said, the frame rate can drop simply because there will be more characters or objects on screen.

It will happen just like if you were playing a PC game and there was a scene with more graphics/other calculations that your computer couldn't handle.
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use the latest pcsx2 revisions. I get FAR higher than 60 fps and I have an i7 @2.8ghz

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