Resident Evil Dead Aim - My graphics are very blurry...
Hello everyone, I'm trying to configure RE: Dead Aim on PCSX2
Here's what I get:

My graphics are pretty blurry, especially when you compare to this video for example: (at 4:09 you can see he's graphics are sharper than mine)

My specs are:

PCSX2 1.6.0
OS: Windows 10
Physical RAM: 32 GB
CPU: AMD Radeon Ryzeon 9 5950
GPU: Nvidia RTX 2080ti - 12GB)

Do you have any tips to get a better looking game ?

Also, I managed to configure mouse control (to Guncon 2) + WASD keyboard via Nuvee_usb plugin.
But when I play with it, it deactivate my controller. Actually I would want to have both working at same time so I can aim and shoot with mouse (more accurate) and use other keys from keyboard such as shift, space, F etc... Is it possible ?

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