Resident Evil Outbreak Online Log-in Problem
Hello. So, there is a fanmade server,, which gives an opportunity to play both Outbreaks online. Recently I have a problem with connecting without an any specific reason and explanation. The other day server switched its DNS from to and notified all the players to switch it as well at their network setup files. Now, after changing numbers I can reach to login panel, everything is ok with download until I try to login to the server - it tells me that Login information is wrong. DNS typed correct, login data typed correct, hadn't been ban on server or something, so my question is more about routing, blocking things and PCSX2 itself, cuz the other users have no problem at all and playing as if nothing had happened. It wouldn't be so annoying, but everything was perfect before. In fact, I simply changed DNS and now just can't get to the lobby. Don't know what to do.

I'm using Win7 x64, 1.2.1 PCSX2 binary, Router: D-Link Dir-100 B1 version.
Outbreaks are on 1080, fullspeed. Tried several plug-ins, 1.0.0 version - all the same. Firewalls disabled, antivirus disabled.

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