Resident evil 4...really strange thing...
I have the latest beta and the latest svn revision, i suppose, and i have both ntsc and pal version of resident evil 4. But there's something strange, i can't move anything when the game ask the language you want to play, or in the ntsc version, to create a new file in memory card...i tried with mymc to put a save for the ntsc version but nothing! He ask me to create a file system!

I use motion joy with a dual shock 3 and i play everything without any problem. This is the first time that happens something like this.

Any suggestions ?

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Not a valid bug report, moved.

PCSX2 settings? Plugin settings? Does it happen with different Controller plugins?
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I'm so stupid! With xpad plug in works without any problem! Thanks for the help, i feel myself so dumbass..


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