If i set my screen at 1280x720(my max screen res is 1920x1080) and set pcsx2 at 1920x1080,does this change the graphic much?
P/S:I'm using a tv...Actually,i don't see the difference.

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So... let me get this right... You set your TV to 720p (out of a max of 1080p) then you set PCSX2 to 1080p? Do you mean in the graphics settings? If you set the internal resolution to 1080p, then it renders the 1080p screen down to 720p. If your screen was native 720p, this would give an Antialaising effect.... but since you're using a non-native resolution you're not really getting any benefit (you're losing detail actually).

That said, video quality is subjective... if you don't notice a difference, then it doesn't matter. That said, since the internal resolution is 1080p, you won't get any speed benefits or anything like this, it's still doing all of the work of the higher resolution.
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Thanks Koji,i think i got itLaugh.

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