Resolution Switching (240p)?
Hello. I found out recently that ICO ran at 240p, instead of c.480i that most PS2 games ran at. I gather that there are a handful of other PS2 games that also ran at 240p.

The difference between 240p and 480i content is like night and day, but when i run ICO, i see no discernible difference in the resolution to any other ps2 game.

Is that because pcsx2 will output all games at 480i regardless of native res? Or is there something I've missed?

And i've not tried this yet, but i shall - does pcsx2 run ps1 roms? If so, does it output native res for these (ie usually 240p).

Thanks in advance.



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I'll take your phrasing with a grain of salt since 480i and 240p is the *same resolution* for all the graphics. The key difference is effective FPS...

Anyways, searching the forums and wiki should get you onto the right track if you want to run ICO at 60fps.

The above is mostly incorrect... So I'll strike-through it. 

There may be some tweaking that could be done, but I got doubts that you'll see any noticeable improvements in graphics vs setting up higher internal resolution and having a strong video card. 

PS1 support is super beta and I'd not recommend it personally there are better emulators available for it. Either way PS1 games run at PS1 resolution and FPS whatever it may be.

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