Resolution/Window size
Can I somehow get the window to automatically adjust to the resolution? The window size stays always the same unless I change it manually.

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Config < Emualtion setiings < GS window

tick "default to full screen mode when open "
But that would make the game run in fullscreen, wouldn't it?
and that's what you want . no ? 0_o
I want to play in windowed mode. That's why I ask how to automatically adjust the windows size to the resolution the game gets rendered at.
There's no such option couse it would be completely useless, and anyone wishing for it, simply doesn't understand some facts. Belive it or not, the game will NOT really look as it was designed to on a lcd display in it's native res running at window and I'm guessing that's what you want(?);].
PS2 games were designed to old analog displays where pixels weren't really "square" like they are now, if you want a true "native" looks, just keep the res in proportions it was designed to work at meaning 4:3 or 16:9 as long as the game supports widescreen by either it's built-in option or a widescreen patch made by any of us in here. Also "the resolution the game get's rendered at" can be changed in GSdx config, it's called internal res.
Um, I'm pretty sure what he want is just an option to always open windowed mode maximized by default, not really an outrageous request.
@ naoan : isn't that the same as Full screen Huh
naoan: You can do that by setting in Emulation Settings->GS Window your monitor's resolution in gs window size
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Not here bositman, the window size is right but it pop up randomly, not fitting the whole screen like maximized window do.

Do you perchance have an edition of windows devoid of taskbar and window title?

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