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Resolution/Window size
(08-09-2012, 12:56 AM)naoan Wrote: Not here bositman, the window size is right but it pop up randomly, not fitting the whole screen like maximized window do.

Yes,the same applies to console too.
It randomly changes the window position if the height or\and width are above certain size

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Hm you're right. Seems like a bug, reporting
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@Naoan Excuse me, but with my lame english understanding, when the op wrote:
I ask how to automatically adjust the windows size to the resolution the game gets rendered at.
I couldn't see how that could be related to simple maxing the window res;].

Also I never saw a windows version which you cannot maximize the window by simply double clicking to the titlebar or pressing the "maximize" button which as I recall is between minimize and exit buttons in the top right corner;] and it doesn't really cause any problems. +The "fullscreen" in PCSX2 actually IS a stretched window, soo if the case would be maximized window without frame, "fullscreen" mode in pcsx2 does exactly that.
Unless he has monitor which could automatically change resolution to as high as 6x native of ps2 games, I doubt that he sincerely mean that.

Some people appreciate not having to double click or click the maximize button everytime they play a game (yes it's lazy, but the demand is there). He clearly said he want to play in windowed mode.

Either way, even if it is not what the TC mean, remembering windows size and position would be helpful for an emulator and imo a valid feature request if anything.
It does remember the size and position, in fact it seems it's part of the problem Tongue
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