Resolution question
I always wondered why some games look worse if you set the custom resolution to the actual native resolution (examples below). I remember on GTA Vice City, what ever resolution you scale to it is equally as sharp and detailed with no blur/

GTA San Andreas
[Image: gsdx20120710175652.png]
Custom res set to native
[Image: cussa.png]

God of War
[Image: gsdx20120710194139.png]
Custom res set to native
[Image: cuuss.png]

Does the type of post processing effects used by the game affect the way it looks when scaled? Why do some games scale better than others?
Also, why is it called upscaling if it renders it in a different resolution?

Sorry for many questions.

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what resolution did you set as native
The same it rendered in *being 512x512 for GoW and 640x511 for GTA SA
GOW should be 512x448

GTASA is capable of both 16:9 and 4:3 output so the resolution changes accordingly
PAL versions of both GoW are GoW2 are 512x512. NTSCs are 512x448. When using progressive scan mode, they are 640x5... I don't remember.

/to SquirlKiller Use scaling instead. 3x for example. Or just multiple the game original resolution. For example 1024x1024 for GoW. Setting it to 1280x1024 surely makes it be horizontal stretched.
I know but why. Why does it get blurry is what im asking. Why is it blurry/less detailed if i set the native resolution in the custom resolution box? i know i could set 2x or 3x sccaling to get better image, but i want to know why custom resolutions (even low res ones) makes it have a sorta "filtered" look? I had to set GTA LCS to 5x scaling to get a decent picture at 1920x1080. Will anyone explain the technical (not too much tho) reason why it happens?
Native = Original PS2 resolution

Keep in mind that what you're trying to play are PS2 games, not a native PC games...

For example, if the game native @ 512x512, then you selected 2x Native setting...

So, the output would be 1024x1024...
I get what you are saying but apparently the rest of these people do not. I will try to explain what the op is asking. When he checks native the games look like the firs 2 pics but if he sets the custom res to what the native res is then they get blurry. The op was wondering why that happens.
Internal resolution refers to Texture res iirc, the D3D method for resampling applies to textures themselves and not the full scene output.

With this, setting the res to a custom of 512x512 would actually force textures larger than this to be scaled down, where as with native they are output at their specified resolution.

Setting custom resolutions higher than the originals generally works, though problems may manifest in games that use textures with a non standard alpha format, and happen to be squared. You can usually tell this in games where gaps appear between sprites. since the actual image in the sprite doesn't go all the way to the edge of the canvas, so gaps appear
Oh i see, does it apply to the models as well? Because the jaggies of models look somewhat anti aliased. Also, why don't games get the "low res" look with MSAA enabled?

[Image: gsdx20120711061453.png]
[Image: gsdx20120711061716.png]
another image with the custom set the native
[Image: gsdx20120711061523.png]

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