Resolved: [Bug Report] Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Chaos Bleeds [PAL]
# PCSX2 version: pcsx2-5367-windows-x86 and 1.0.0
# CPU options: Preset 1 - Safest
# Plugins used: # GSdx 5365 (hw&sw& NULL, dx9), ZeroGS-r4488, SPU2-X-r5317 or ZeroSPU2 r4949
# Description: Game freezes at the title screen after developer intro videos. The r4600 version I tested works.

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Has been fixed.

Thank you for your report.
This bug report has now been marked as Resolved since it has been fixed on our code base.

This thread will now be closed and moved to the resolved bug reports subforum.
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