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Resolved: [Bug Report]Champions of Norrath [NTSC-U] [SLUS-20565][Bug Report]
tbh the "[email protected]#$" message is pretty funny xD
i looked it up in the source code, and it seems that's what gsdx uses when running out of memory or something.

these snowblind games have multiple problems with pcsx2 and gsdx.
one problem is that they seem to cause gsdx to allocate huge amounts of memory and usually end up crashing due to this.

another problem is there is texture corruption on the 3d, and none of us have figured out what the cause is, and therefor we don't know how to fix it...
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Do you think both are effects of a single problem? They both seem to end up in the GS plugin. And is it that they use a unknown feature or do they use a unexpected feature (or bug) of the actual hardware?
(07-30-2011, 05:00 AM)invisghost Wrote: Do you think both are effects of a single problem? They both seem to end up in the GS plugin. And is it that they use a unknown feature or do they use a unexpected feature (or bug) of the actual hardware?

my guess for why gsdx allocates so much memory would be due to its texture caching system. it probably thinks its repetitively being sent unique textures. and then it doesn't have good error-handling for when it uses up too much memory, so it just crashes.
thats just my guess... i don't know what its actually doing.

the texture corruption part, i'm not really sure if its a GS plugin issue or not. zzogl has the same texture corruption problem, so 'maybe' its something pcsx2 is doing wrong which causes the problem.
or it could be some unknown feature of the GS or some other ps2 component that is to blame.

it could be they're both related, and that the reason gsdx allocates so much memory is because it really is being sent the different textures due to the texture corruption on pcsx2's part.

if it 'is' pcsx2 messing it up, then its likely the VU or VIF's fault. or the game relies on syncing GIF packets between PATH 1 and PATH 3 interleaving them or something.
however my gif rewrite didn't seem to affect the games at all...
and furthermore the different VU recs have the same problem.
the game does do some undocumented VU stuff... but i was pretty sure i handled it correctly.
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After more or less ruling out the GS and GIF (except if they used path interleaving hackery, doubt it), it should be VIF.
I have heard that it was one of the only games for the ps2 to have a rudimentary bump map thing going on certain things. (The warp gate was one of those things). Could that be whats causing it? Some hacked together shader system?
Hey everyone.
First off, I want to thank the devs to start working on that problem.
I don't know if it is relevant or not, but I had the chance to play CoN on a PS3 first gen. with PS2 emulation mode and there are similar texture flickering problems like on pcsx2.
It's not as worse but still visible.
Nevertheless, I hope someday CoN will be playable on pcsx2.

(pls excuse possible spelling or grammatical mistakes, English is not my native language.)
Quote:"... and some of the prettiest graphics you're ever likely to see pumping out of a standard def TV.

The key was using a technique called supersampling. Because everything in Snowblind's engine was tile-based (meaning they could use little bits and pieces of high-res artwork rather than trying to model everything wholesale from polygons), the worlds could not only deliver the kind of detail that you'd normally equate with more advanced Xbox techniques like bump mapping, but everything was rendered at a resolution higher than the normal PS2 output and then scaled down."

Saw this and thought of the "rudimentary bump map thing" comment. Smile
So does anyone have any updates as to the playability of this game?
there are none, it's quite a big thing (due to the nature of the bug) so as soon as it's fixed, you'll find out.
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So a year and a half later, I am probably causing one of the largest bumps known to man, but I cannot find this ANYWHERE on the internet, is there ANY possible fix at all? This is easilly one of the greatest games I have ever played, and really want to play it on my computer. Sad

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