Resolved: [Bug Report] Crash Bandicoot - Wrath of Cortex [NTSC]
# PCSX2 versions tested: Stable v1.6.0, Nightly v1.7.2258
# Only settings changed from default: graphics: Renderer:vulkan, interlacing:bob-ttf, resolution: 1080p & antisotropic filtering: 16x
# Description: On world 4, stage 2: droid void and world 4, stage 4: coral canyon, see screenshot for graphics glitches, droid void is almost unplayable for half or more of the stage, the other just looks glitchy. Happens with all hardware renderers, works with software.

Attached gs dumps, if you need save states / savegame / screebshots let me know how to post/send them cause I can't post url or attach larger files.

edit: Playing a bit more found another stage in world 5 with (minor)graphic glitch similar to coral canyon stage, attached gs dump.
edit2: Btw on droid void stage, the glitch happens once you get on the robot. I meant to attach save states and files at first and forgot to mention it.

Attached Files
.xz   crash-wrath-of-cortex-ntsc-coral-canyon-graphics-glitch.xz (Size: 1,43 MB / Downloads: 171)
.xz   crash-wrath-of-cortex-ntsc-droid-void-graphics-glitch.xz (Size: 1,34 MB / Downloads: 155)
.xz   crash-wrath-of-cortex-ntsc-cortex-vortex-graphics-glitch.xz (Size: 1,1 MB / Downloads: 227)

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Full blending will be required for gl/vk for one of the dumps.

Thank you for your report.
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