Resolved: [Bug Report] Final Fantasy VII Dirge of Cerberus [SLUS 21419] [NTSC-U]
# Pcsx2 versions. All Version of PCSX2 Beta after 1348
# Cpu options selected : There is no different if I use MicroVU or don't use it or use VU recompiler or no I tried disabling multi threaded but there was no change.
# Plugins used : I used ZeroGS 0.97.1 and GSdx 0.1.15 (1473) I used GSdx in Both Hardware and software and Directx 9 and 10 there was no different .

# Description of the bug and of how to replicate it:
when i start FFVII dirge of Cerberus [PAL] with enabled patches I recieve this PCSX2 Message
Quote:An unhandled or Unrecoverable exception Occurred,with the message:
(EE) Bus Error, Addr=0x500c0220 [store]
PcsX2 will now close . more detail maybe available Via the emulog.txt file.
and this is the content of emulog.txt

Quote:PCSX2 (beta) - compiled on Jul 31 2009
Savestate version: 8b410001
CPU vendor name =  AuthenticAMD
FamilyID  =  2
x86Family =  AMD Phenom™ II X4 955 Processor
CPU speed =  3.214 Ghz
Cores     =  4 physical [4 logical]
x86PType  =  Standard OEM
x86Flags  =  178bfbff 00802009
x86EFlags =  efd3fbff

Detected MMX
Detected SSE
Detected SSE2
Detected SSE3
Not Detected SSSE3
Not Detected SSE4.1
Not Detected SSE4.2

Extended AMD Features:
Detected MMX2
Detected 3DNOW
Detected 3DNOW2
Detected SSE4a

Bios Version 2.0
Bios Warning > erom not found.
Framelimiter rate updated (UpdateVSyncRate): 59.94 fps
* CDVD Disk Open: DVD, Single layer or unknown:
* * Track 1: Data (Mode 1) (1971392 sectors)
MTGS > Thread Started, Opening GS Plugin...
MTGS > GSopen Finished, return code: 0x0
loadElfFile: cdrom0:\SLUS_214.19;1; CRC = 44A5FA15
XML Loader returned an error. Trying to load a pnach...
gametitle: Final Fantasy VII Dirge of Cerberus [SLUS 21419] [44A5FA15]
comment: patches by Bagus
patchnumber: 4
Issuing EE/iR5900-32 Recompiler Reset [mem/structure cleanup]
* PCSX2 *: ExecuteBios
# Initialize memory (rev:3.70, ctm:393Mhz, cpuclk:295Mhz detected)
MTGS > Closing GS thread...

It seems the latest version that don't have this problem with patches enabled (there is no different which patch it's enough to enable one of the patches in 44A5FA15.pnach to face the error) after that version the error occure when you enable patches
the error must belong to some code added between Jun 8th 2009 and Jun 9th 2009.

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According to the wiki, this game has been playable since at least 1.1.0 r5480.

Thank you for your report.
This bug report has now been marked as Resolved since it has been fixed on our code base.

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