Resolved: [Bug Report] Final Fantasy XII [PAL]
# #PCSX2 version: r1888
# #CPU options: EERec, VU0rec, VU1rec and MTGS on
# #Plugins Used: GSDx 2693 (0.1.16) (hardware dx10), SPU-X r2693 1.4.0, LilyPad svn 0.10.0, Linuz Iso CDVD 0.9.0
# #When I turn in the Gil Snapper hunt, the boy and the girl don't finish the talk. When the boy says "You always blame me!" the girl is supossed to answer and then a grandma appears, but the girl doesn't say anything. They just stare each other.

I tried with the original game instead of the ISO and same happens... I don't know what can it be.

Well, maybe because of this (we couldn't solve it Sad), but I don't know...

Thanks for help! =)

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Hi everybody.
# PCSX2 version:
# CPU options: EERec, IOPRec, VU0&VU1 SuperRec (hardware and software DX11)
# Plugins used: GSdx3693 0.1.16 SSE4
# Description: The game (FFXII[PAL]) crash when it try to load a video. The music sounds 2 o r 3 seconds and then it crash.
I have also the Japanese version, and that works perfectly (60fps constantly and no graphic errors).
My computer:
i7 2,67
12 Gb DDR3
2X ATI RADEON HD 5770 1GB (2 in total)
Win 7 x64 Ultimate

You should be using mVU and not superVU. It's set as default since it's more compatible than sVU
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(02-24-2011, 12:42 PM)Bositman Wrote: You should be using mVU and not superVU. It's set as default since it's more compatible than sVU

I have done it and I have the same problem. I have seen that the mode of Video Changes to NTSC. I have tested to change the value of NTSC Framereate to 50 (like PAL) and the game don't crash now (but i can't see any video). I can start to play and i can see text, graphics and play.

P.D.:I used superVU becose in other games like FFX-2 i have a perfect framerate with this.
Thank you for your report.
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