Resolved: [Bug Report] God of War 2 bug
This is probably already known but the sun shines through walls and everything else.  Ive messed with seemingly every setting so I do not think it is an issue that can be resolved by changing settings. Everything else runs perfect except when I obtained the bow Kratos jumped into mid air and grabbed it from nothingness.

PCSX2 version
Enable Aggressive Presets
Then disable and change settings to:
EE Cyclerate:0 
VU Cycle Stealing: 0
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Large Framebuffer
CRC Hack: Partial
Enable HW Hacks: Align Sprite
Half-pixel Offset: Special (Texture)
Blending Unit Accuracy: Basic
MTVU Enabled

Windows 10 Pro x64
i7-860 @ 3.26Ghz
GTX1070 SC
2x4GB DDR3 1866

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Disable Large Framebuffer, turn off CRC Hacks, turn off Half-Pixel Offset and turn up Blending Accuracy to at least High.

Can you also post a screenshot?
Sorry for the delay.  Had unexpected tasks come up I had to deal with plus I kept on playing and saved over my last data going into a part that had no sun to test new settings for the flaw.  As a result I had to play back through which gave some interesting results.  Upon starting a fresh game I tested your recommended settings to find that turning off the half-pixel offset caused a ghosting effect and I had already tested turning blending accuracy to high to fix the sun shining through walls with no success.  I did find that turning off the CRC hack had no negative effect and it boosted my performance which I was just starting to find out that the larger battles with rage of the titans active would bring my GPU to its knees and cause slowdowns.  Implementing no CRC hack into my settings and playing back through may have caused the issue I saw when Kratos jumped into mid air and grabbed nothingness to obtain the bow, this time it played out properly grabbing it out of the titans eye.  But one flaw I forgot to mention still persisted this time through and that is when you fly on pegasus the second time to get to the island the sisters of fate are on, at the end of the trip you fly above the clouds and everything goes white I assume from too much bloom?  Anyways it happened both times with CRC Hacks on or off.  I have a save right before that point so I will try with blending accuracy on high to see if that part gets fixed.  But the sun shining through walls persists regardless of changing the settings you suggest, although I did not test turning off half-pixel offset because it caused ghosting.

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Blending accuracy on high and CRC hacks off doesnt change a thing with the white screen at the end of the 2nd flight of Pegasus and doesnt change the sun shining through the walls.  When I take the bow from the titan it actually had Kratos grab it out of the air again but somehow it didnt work and he ended up on top of the platform where you press R1 to grab the bow, where I then pressed R1 again and it successfully took it from the titan's eye as he is supposed to.  I suppose that is a random glitch that doesnt have to do with the settings.  Also I found that if I run it at native resoltion the sun still shines through the walls but it is not pixelated when it is at higher than native resolution.  Screenshot at native resolution included.

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you can get the sun to render correctly by using auto flush in HW hacks but this slows the game to a crawl in many places especially when health/magic orbs are on screen and other various particle effects. It doesn't work if you have half pixel offset off if i recall correctly. the pixelisation of the sun texture on other than native scaling seems to be a texture filtering bug. If you set texture filtering to Bilinear (Forced) it won't be pixelated on larger resolutions.

in GOW2 i use the following hacks in Open GL HW. Align sprite, TC Offset X 350 (for 4x scaling, i use 400 for 6x scaling) TC offset Y same as X. This fixes the misaligned bloom and green/magenta chromatic aberration.
If you set auto flush on it should look pretty much as good as it gets except for the faint lines across the screen you sometimes get.

GOW2 has many bugs. Open GL is the only one where you can get atleast shadows and fog working. DX11 you have no shadow.
Thank you Jokke_r. The auto flush would be a great fix if not for the major slowdown and lines that are fairly apparent on the screen. Good to know though. But at least with the forced bilinear filtering I can admire the sun as it shines through the walls. The TC Offset did not work for me, but I did not have any issues except for the bottom most single row of pixels being green. When I used your 4x native of 350 on both X and Y, immediately from the opening menu the background was transparently viewable through the right side of Kratos's face. Perhaps it is due to the resolution of my display being different from yours (2560x1600) using 4x native. Great input, very much appreciated!
Since Auto Flush fixes the issue, this will be marked as resolved.

Thank you for your report.
This bug report has now been marked as Resolved since it has been fixed on our code base.

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