Resolved: [Bug Report] Gran Turismo 3 [PAL] Transparency Bug
Game: Gran Turismo 3 Pal

PCSX2 Version: pcsx2-1.4.0
Emulation Settings: Preset 1 - Safest
No Speedhacks
No Game Fixes


GS: GSdx 20160105132032 (MSVC 19.00, AVX2) 1.0.0 [gsdx32-avx2]
PAD: LilyPad (20151231175709) 0.11.0 [lilypad]
SPU2: SPU2-X 20151231175708 2.0.0 [spu2-x]
CDVD: cdvdGigaherz (20151231175709II) 0.9.0 [cdvdGigaherz]
USB: USBnull Driver 20151231175709 0.7.0 [USBnull]
FW: FWnull Driver 20151231175709 0.7.0 [FWnull]
DEV9: DEV9null Driver 20151231175709 0.5.0 [DEV9null]


Europe v02.00(14/06/2004) Console

When using any GSdx Hardware rendering lights can be seen through scenery. Does not happen when GSdx Software mode is used.

eg) On smokey mountain circuit when you come around the last left hand bend where the track turns from dirt to tarmac, the light along the start finish straight can be seen through the side of the mountain on the left. refer to attached Gs dump. Have included a hardware and software mode screenshot for comparison.

The same bug happens on any track. First noticed it on SS special because it has lights pretty much all the way around track.

.7z   gt3_pal_transparency_bug_dx11.7z (Size: 3,9 MB / Downloads: 292)

Don't know what happened but i could only seem to add 1 attachment.

here are just the screenshots

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This is an issue with the Gran Turismo games - also happens in GT4. There is no fix for it unfortunately AFAIK
This issue is fixed on OpenGL only.

Thank you for your report.
This bug report has now been marked as Resolved since it has been fixed on our code base.

This thread will now be closed and moved to the resolved bug reports subforum.

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