Resolved: [Bug Report] Gungrave [NTSC-U] (broke in r3349)
#PCSX2 version: Latest official beta release, r3878

#CPU options: Tried every combination of settings with no change

#Plugins Used: GSDX r3693 SSSE3 and ZeroGS r3878. I tried both the hardware/software modes for DX9 and DX10 on GSDX, and neither of them worked. I also tried ZeroGS as well, and it didn't work either.

#Description: Missing video when getting to the games start menu. The game launches fine, and the intro sequences play without a hitch, but once the start menu is supposed to come up, the game screen turns black, and you're unable to do anything. The music that plays when you're at the games start menu continues to work though, but that's about it.

In order to replicate the bug, all you need to do is run the game and get past the intro sequences, at which point the video will go missing. Like I mentioned above, it happens regardless of what settings are used.

Just a small note: On the previous official beta release (3113 was it?), and on r1888, the video ends up working on the game start screen, and you're even able to get in to the game itself. On r3113, the game immediately crashes during the first level though. On r1888, if you have microVU disabled, you can get past the first level, and get about halfway into the second before the game crashes. If you end up having microVU enabled on r1888 though, it'll crash at the same spot as r3113. So it seems as if microVU lowers the games compatibility?

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Thanks for the report, broke in r3349.
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Thank you for your report.
This bug report has now been marked as Resolved since it has been fixed on our code base.

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