Resolved: [Bug Report] .HackGU//Reminiscence and Rebirth
PCSX 1888 - beta
GSDX - 1873 (DX10 mode hardware)
SPU2X - 1857 - default settings
Speed hacks - none
Advanced hacks - defaults
Bug description: The game runs fine but after a while the emu quits. Here is the error in the console. When I enabled the EE 1.5 cycle rate the bug was gone. It appeared after some gameplay... Any info?

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it seems to be tied to spu2-x for some reason, using PoePs passed it easily. it's plugin-based in other words
I have serious problem with audio.. while in the middle of a mission the sound will start going all squalky.. also the save state does not work.. so I can't save the game position.. exit and restart and continue.. this is making the game totally unplayable.
Saiki: Odd, I have no problems with spu2-x. I got around this issue by having microVU0 on and microVU1 off.

molitar: Save states work fine for me. Though a heads up, if you save when the save state when the sound is squeaky, it will remain squeaky when you load the save state. The only times I get the squeaky sound is when I use save states anyways, so I just use normal saves for the game.
[Image: 2748844.png]
Well I finally got past sound problem using the not so good audio ZeroSPU2 it's not as good but got past the sound problem. I have not gotten save state to load even once it always crashes when I try to load a save state.. because SPU2 goes screechy in about 15-20 minutes of gameplay especially on the mission where you meet Kuhn. I had to play that one over over a dozen times before I succeeded where I did not get screechy. Any other ideas or any suggestions to make ZeroSPU2 sound better?
Works fine on the latest development builds.

Thank you for your report.
This bug report has now been marked as Resolved since it has been fixed on our code base.

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