Resolved: [Bug Report] Haunting Ground [PAL-E] New graphical issue
Hello dear PCSX2-Team,

i have found a new graphical issue in the said game that appears in almost every 3D area. I found out that the Direct3D 11 and Direct3D 12 renderers are affected, but OpenGL and Vulkan are not.

Game: Haunting Ground [PAL-E] (SLES_528.77 / CRC = 2CD5794C) and maybe the other regions, too
First affected PCSX2-Version: v1.7.4137 and above
Last working PCSX2-Version: v1.7.4136 and below

Left image: v1.7.4136 Direct3D 11/Direct3D 12
Right image: v1.7.4137 Direct3D 11/Direct3D 12

I think that i have seen in GitHub that this type of issue is already known and this bug report might not have been necessary, but i wanted. Smile

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Okay, as i already thought it was a known issue and was immediately fixed with v1.7.4144. Sometimes i really am a bit too hasty with these reports. I think that this thread can be successfully stamped. Thank you! Happy
Thank you for your report.
This bug report has now been marked as Resolved since it has been fixed on our code base.

This thread will now be closed and moved to the resolved bug reports subforum.

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