Resolved: [Bug Report] Interlacing issues with Direct3D 11 renderer
Hello dear PCSX2-Team,

in the latest PCSX2 versions there is somehow an interlacing problem that seems to affect only the Direct3D 11 renderer. I have noticed it in two games so far. The first one is Demon Chaos (PAL version). When you have „De-interlacing: Bob (Bottom Field First, Full Frames)” set and using Direct3D 11, the screen shakes for about 1:30 minutes during the language selection, but with the other renderers nothing shakes since the beginning. The second one is Everybody's Golf (PAL version). When you have „De-interlacing: Adaptive (Top Field First, Similar to Bob + Weave)” set and using Direct3D 11, the screen is distorted for about 40 seconds during the language selection and all other renderers are again unaffected. If you switch to another renderer and switch back to Direct3D 11, the problem is fixed manually for both games. In previous PCSX2 versions, these problems with the Direct3D 11 renderer did not exist. It is all a bit hard to describe and maybe other games are similarly affected, but i hope i was able to explain it reasonably well. Attached is the broken example of Everybody's Golf.

First affected PCSX2-Version: v1.7.4064 and above
Last working PCSX2-Version: v1.7.4063 and below

For GS dumps i would probably have to create 2 minute dumps, but that would be a pretty big file. I hope that someone of you has these two games in his possession. Smile

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I came across something similar recently, the weird thing is it only happens on Nvidia cards, from what we can tell, but I can indeed reproduce it, and I tested 4061 and 4066, 4061 was fine and 4066 was broken, so I guess your numbers must be right.
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That means it is more of a NVIDIA graphics card issue and just an unfortunate coincidence that PCSX2 versions from v1.7.4064 onwards are affected? That is nasty, NVIDIA...  Glare

I did not make a mistake with the PCSX2 version numbers in my case. Well, maybe it is really just a graphics card driver problem.
Well the difference is that when a reset happens it preloads the first few frames of render targets from memory, and for some reason *that* freaks it out, I have no idea why, but this is very reminiscent of the old Nvidia DX bug we had years ago, which seemed to have fixed itself at some point.
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Okay, i understand. As soon as there is another driver update and i notice a change then, i will post it again in this thread. Smile
Thickening the plot slightly, if you full boot, the game is fine Tongue But yeah this could be the old DX bug.
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The problem seems to have been fixed with PCSX2 v1.7.4227. For me, only the emulator version has changed since then. Kinda strange, although everything pointed to this DX bug. Laugh
Thank you for your report.
This bug report has now been marked as Resolved since it has been fixed on our code base.

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