Resolved: [Bug Report] Lupin the 3rd
Lupin the 3rd - Treasure of the Sorcerer King [SLUS 20683]
Tested with all possibilities in 3 lasts recents SVNs.

Its your decision and the last hammer its your,but for me theses glitchs not prevent to play and finish the game,After all i put in bug list,because maybe a solution can give in  short term or middle.
Anyway its a valid bug.
Here the images for support.

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So the problem you are reporting is the graphics being all screwy like that?

Did you test with other clamping/rounding modes?
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Yes,tested with many possibilities,after all software mode its applicable in the videos and images,the best mode,because hardware its worst.
How does it look with ZeroGS?
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Good idea,i will check exactly now,because i only use all possiblities has possible in Gsx.
I will test with Zero Gs now.
Refraction!!!! I have news i tested if Zero Gs,the game appears like perfect,now all the text appear,and the marjority of glitchs has been repaired,yet some letters have a purple color but you can read fine,you believe its necessaire i put more videos in Zero Gs mode,i will put.
you can update your report to reflect that, a video would be cool too though
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Ok,i will updated and i will put videos.(in 30 minutes,i think)

Game resolved!!!
Curious: Could you post a video of it, it has been more than 30 minutes Tongue2
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