Resolved: [Bug Report] Mortal Kombat Shaolin Monks broken [VIF]
MK Shaolin Monks was broken by v1.5.0-dev-481-g6649f43 (Downhill Domination and Twisted Metal Head-On fix). The last working revision which is available on buildbot is v1.5.0-dev-479-gbe34b96.

MK now has missing textures, SPS and all sorts of other visual glitches. I attached 2 screens: one is showing the correct behaviour and another one is from g6649f43.

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I've provided a rar file below, it consists of three PCSX2 executable files. please extract and copy them over to your PCSX2 directory and check for the status of the issue on all of them.

download link : *Removed*
I'm sorry, but looks like this link is wrong, because all it does is take me to my dropbox files or asks me to register a dropbox account if i try to download it anonymously.
My bad , here's the correct link :

EDIT: You can press the nabla symbol which is present at the right most part of the download button and click "Direct download".
both-delay - works fine
MSCALF-delay - broken
MSCNT-delay - works fine
Thanks for testing ! so we've narrowed down the problem to MSCNT. Apparently this game seems to need the delay for MSCNT instruction to work properly. Hopefully we made the work easier for refraction Smile

Next step would be to do some tests on Down Hill Domination and Twisted metal to check it's status with these builds.
Twisted Metal looks perfectly fine to me on all 3 builds.
(06-25-2016, 01:15 PM)Dr.J Wrote: Twisted Metal looks perfectly fine to me on all 3 builds.

It doesn't have the shadow issue mentioned over here ? If yes, that's good ! Smile

I'll try to check downhill domination when I get a free time.

EDIT: Hmm, wait a sec. Both-delay should've had that issue on twisted metal. As previous builds had both of those instructions delayed.
There's more than one Twisted Metal on PS2. I'm not sure Twisted Metal: Black has this issue.
Hey. What a coincidence, I just also wanted to write about this error (having tried before many pcsx2 builds and also found that the last working this 479, the replacement of gs-plugin (479) into to new version of the emulator not given effect)

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