Resolved: [Bug Report] Onimusha: Dawn of dream
This is the first time I use PCSX2 so I don not have much experience on this problem so please help and thanks so much I am newbie here

When it ask me for the disk 2, I have chosen iso file then I choose Swap (it is right way, right ?) although it show load successfully, nothing happen, Windows is still run, I don not know what wrong with the PCSX2 or my source game .....
CPU i5 750@3g6
4G ram


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What game are you trying to play?

(and youll need a later SVN revision for disc swap to work properly)
Onimusha 4 Dawn of dream
yes, you'll need a later SVN for that. best to check the compile guides and follow the advice there
Thanks, I will follow up .....
Thank you for your report.
This bug report has now been marked as Resolved since it has been fixed on our code base.

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