Resolved: [Bug Report] Persona 4 [NTSC]
# PCSX2 version: Official v0.9.8 release R4600
# Emulation Setting on default
# Plugins used: GSdx 4600 SSE 4.1 - 0.1.16, SPU2-X r4500m 1.4.0
# Description:the game hang during the conversation. ESC key is not working when the problem occurs. Usually I have to click the mouse to toggle between full screen and windowed until I can use the ESC button. From there when I resume the game, it works normal until it hangs again and I have to repeat the process. It's not occurred to 0often and the game is playable most of the time.

My PC:
Win 7 ultimate 32 bit
4 Gb DDR2 800 Mhz
ATI Radeon HD 5850
Drivers: Catalyst 10.10E

The game is loaded from the ISO. The strange thing is, the game run normaly on both 0.9.6 and 0.9.7.

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Quote:# Description:the game hang during the conversation.

Which conversation? Have any screenshots or any more detailed info on when it happens?
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Change rounding modes from chop/zero to negative. If you're using save states you may need to load from a memory card save.
hmm if setting the roundmode is required for this game, then perhaps it should be added to the game database.
can someone please confirm that this fixes the problem? and if its both FPU/VU roundmodes? or just one of them that needs to be set to negative?

i remember i beat p4 on pcsx2, but i can't remember what settings i used.
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It's been awhile since I last played it, I'll pull it up and see if I can get it to lock up again. I do remember specifically setting it to negative and that getting past those random freezes, but I honestly can't remember which it was (will test that when I reach it, first time I experienced it was after the first boss so shouldn't take long to get there)

(edit) Random crash being random as it is I didn't get it at the same spot this time or at any other point in the hour or so I tried to recreate it to test it. I'll mess around some more later, but for now I need some sleep.
hmm i see, i appreciate the effort.
its such a pain to test this random-bugs.
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If I recall correctly Persona4 used to need chop/zero round modes to avoid the random hangs (back then the default was 'nearest'), perhaps you're remembering the wrong mode. However you are mentioning random crashes which are a different problem to what baka_tenshi's is experiencing currently.
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Hmm... so far no luck of getting the bug to reappear, but again I only managed to try it out about an hour so far.

I remember, it happened quite early in the game. I'll try to continue during the weekend when I have more free time, and see how it goes.

@Shadow Lady:
I'm not sure if it is a different bug with what Koji mentioned. For sure, the game freezes, not crashing, but at the same time the ESC key is not functioning.
No, it definitely wasn't crashing it was the game freezing as baka tenshi mentioned, though I never had a problem escaping out of it. You might be right though, it may have been nearest versus negative... I do remember I used negative to fix it, tried it second after positive.
Thank you for your report.
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