Resolved: [Bug Report] Ratatouille SLES 547.35
Sorry for my bad englisch i am german

# PCSX2 version: pcsx2-alpha-2869 & PCSX 0.9.6
# Cpu EErec on, vurec0 on, vurec1 on,
# Plugins used: Gsdx 2861 SSE3, spu2 2861 -x 1.4.0 , cdvd gigaherz 2852
# Bios : Eur V1.6
# Gamefixes "clear"
# Patches no
# Speedhack no
# advanced default

The follow Error appears in the Console this error loop until after the menĂ¼
The Errors are in every of my PCSX2 Versions.

*PCSX2*: DMA error: 4b7a0c04
*PCSX2*: DMA error: 4b7a0d44
*PCSX2*: DMA error: 4b7a0a54
*PCSX2*: DMA error: 4b7a1ac4

and after the first ingame Video scene follow errors:

*PCSX2*: DMA error: 4bb63636
*PCSX2*: DMA error: 4bb63a56
*PCSX2*: DMA error: 4bb850f6
*PCSX2*: DMA error: 4bb83576
*PCSX2*: DMA error: 4bb9e1f0

My Status for this Game ingame

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The game works tested r.2888 others rev work the same only problem is that you have to use software to view the game without any glitches in hardware shadows problems that are worse in dx11 than in dx9
Thank you for your report.
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