Resolved: [Bug Report] SPU2-X Audio causes glitches in Snowblind Engine Games
SPU2-X any version causes Baldurs Gate Dark Alliance 1 and 2 to have the combat audio bug where if you hit someone or if someone hits you, you get an ear-piercing microphone sound the can last minutes. In Champions Return to Arms and Champions of Norrath, you get audio crackling. You can fix it by using ZeroSPU2 r2361 (though the crackling in Champions of Norrath and Return to Arms is still there but less annoying). I am just wondering why the SPU2-X audio sounds so bad in those games as the SPU2-X sound rendering is supposed to be superior in every way versus ZeroSPU2 as SPU2-X sounds better in almost every other game? Is there an error with my audio settings. I tried updating and downgrading my Realtek HD Audio Driver to no avail. If you know a stable Realtek HD Audio Driver for me to use it would be greatly appreciated in my testing. I even tried using older PCSX2 versions, but 1.4.0 and even the stable 1.5 still produced the same audio error. I also tried changing between XAudio and DirectSound and I got similar results. In the audio settings, I even tried adjusting buffer size on Direct Sound and it did not get any improvements and some buffer sizes made it sound worse.

PC Specs

CPU- I7 6700k running at default clock speeds
GPU- Gtx 1080 Armour OC
Sound Card- Realtek HD Audio using driver version
Asus Z-170P Motherboard
32gb DDR4 2133 Crucial Ram

Software Specs
PCSX2 v1.5.0-dev-3293

Software Settings:
Speed Hack preset safe with MTVU. Did try disabling speed hacks to no avail.
Direct3D 11(Hardware)
Blend bff(Blur, half fps)
Allow 8-bit Textures and Large Framebuffer check mark enabled
3x Native Resolution
Automatic mipmapping
Full CRC Hack Level
Full Accurate Date
High Accurate Blending
Fast Texture Invalidation hack enabled.

GSdx 20190929203047 1.1.0 AVX2
LilyPad ( 20190929203047) 0.12.1
SPU2: ZeroSPU2 r2361, SPU2-X 20190929203047 2.0.0
cdvdGigaherz 20190929203047 0.11.0
FWnull Driver 20190929203047 0.7.0
DEV9null Driver 20190929203047 0.5.0

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Champions Return to Arms and Champions of Norrath is fixed with SPU2X with no audio crackling if using the latest Realtek Hd Audio Driver However both Baldurs Gate games require the ZeroSpu2 plugin to function properly still.
Thank you for your report.
This bug report has now been marked as Resolved since it has been fixed on our code base.

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