Resolved: [Bug Report] Shadow Hearts 2 [NTSC]
PCSX2 Version: rev 1474
Plugins used: GSDX 10 SSE3 hardware mode, SPU2-X(default settings), both are latest betas
Speed Hacks: EE cycle 2x, VU cycle at second max, all misc hacks checked
problem: sometimes the game just "hangs", but the sound and animations are still on. it's kind of like the character just freezes, or maybe even the controls, im not sure. also, this happens most often before or after a battle. Before battles, the monsters may not load and it just hangs there with the animations and sound still going. After battles, it may hang right after a character defeats the last monster. I searched around to see if anyone reported this earlier but couldn't find anything...

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Try pressing start to pause / unpause the game. I got that hang myself and I managed to get out of it this way.
[Image: newsig.jpg]
oh yea forgot to mention that. that seems to work for in battle hangs only though. In a town my character was walking and just froze Wacko, but the game itself didn't freeze...weird. Happened once in menu too.

EDIT: i just did more testing with plugins and such, as well with different pcsx2 builds. It's hanging a lot more frequently now, mostly in the transitions where the screen goes black. In the command prompt tho i got a flood of " unalighned memory pointer passed to ReadTexture". I also get "issuing EE/iR5900-32 recompiler reset [mem/structure cleanup" a lot. The hangs werent as bad at first but I don't know why its suddenly coming up ever 5 min...Sad
Hm this is an issue we need to look into...try getting older betas and see where it showed up first (it should be a pcsx2 issue)
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Ok sure. But by older betas do you mean older than the current official release (0.9.6)? Btw the transition hanging is not as bad now for some reason. Also the monsters not loading and after-battle hangs are easily bypassable with the 'pause' trick you mentioned so that part is not a problem anymore.
No I meant compiling some SVN builds but I guess you don't know / can't do that? Tongue
[Image: newsig.jpg]
#7, I don't know how. However I have taken a few programming courses since im required to do so in engineering, and also there is a compile guide in this section so I'll take some time to figure that out after my last exam tmr Smile
Thank you for your report.
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