Resolved: [Bug Report] The Maid Fuku to Kikanjuu - Broken text rendering
PCSX2 Nightly 1.7.3378
Intel Core i7-10700K
Nvidia RTX 3070

All throughout the game, the rendering of text boxes is broken (see image). Default settings used. No hacks enabled, and all options checked to see if it would fix it. Tested all renderers.

Looked at the draw in RenderDoc and it looks like the texture is being interpreted incorrectly, as you can see it also swaps every other pixel around, like the endianness was wrong:

GS Dump:

.xz   Simple 2000 Series Vol. 105 - The Maid-Fuku to (Size: 1,61 MB / Downloads: 199)

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A fix is already awaiting testing
[Image: ref-sig-anim.gif]

Oooh, thanks. I tried searching for it but this game has a weird name.
Thank you for your report.
This bug report has now been marked as Resolved since it has been fixed on our code base.

This thread will now be closed and moved to the resolved bug reports subforum.
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Motherboard: Asrock B85M - DGS
RAM: Hyper X Savage 2x8GB 1.6GHZ CL9
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