Resolved: [Bug Report] Valkyrie Profile 2:Silmeria [PAL]
Bug report updated

Pcsx2 0.9.6 revesion 703
Cpu options : EERec, VU recompilers, MTGS on
Gamefix on
Speed Hacks disable (for this bug report because sound problem, if I play, I will use speed hacks)
Plugins used:
Grafik:GSdx 0.1.14 SSE41 and GSdx 0.1.7 SSSE3, Blend bbf
Sound: SPU2-X 1.1.0
Control: SSSPSX PAD Plugin 1.7.0
Cdvdrom: Linuz/Pg Iso CDVD 0.8.0

So, there are some bugs I find out, but they are not all. (I think so)

1. in some FMVs like intro before new game or the FMV after fight with Lezard Valeth: sound is not correctly with the actual movie

2. you have to skip some FMVs because they stand still

3. vertical lines, fixed with software mode

4. grafic bug and slow down in the forest, grafic fixed with software mode

5. (not really a bug) game runs fast with GSdx 0.1.7, slow with higher version

I have see the ending so I think it is possible to play this game to the end with pcsx2 (I played from chapter 3 to the end), but sometimes I have to see the FMVs on my PS2^^

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i have the same problem.
i wonder if it also appears in the NTSC version Huh

For FMV's, use ZeroSPU2, its correctly synced then.
I tried ZeroSPU2 and ZeroSPU2 PG too, but the first FMV runs not correctly
Other FMV's run correctly
What settings do you use for ZeroGS? Some of them should give negative picture effects.
These are not the same bugs as in the ntsc version, I can do battles in that with GSdx.
@ Zeydlitz
bilinear filtering on
Anti-aliasing off
FFX-Hack (always^^)
No target resolves

thx Zeydlitz, after disable FFX-Hack and No target resolves, it is a little better. The second bug always there, the third bug sometimes
The screen always changes, that means the representation is not stable.

Maybe it is because of fighting in a specific area or this is the first battle^^
I use game save and here are pictures of a fight (first with ZeroGS, second with GSdx)
So NTSC doesn't have this colored polys?
It has them, it's a pcsx2 thing. Some kind of SPS with bad texture data + some glow lightening on it Tongue2
Well, I found that overbright fixed with 16bit resolution + 2x interlacing (second one need to fix first one glitch ;-).
oh man, this game is so bad GS limited.
getting 99% CPU usage in the GSdx bar.
ZeroGS is even slower than GSdx.

i have to overclock to 3.6ghz again, i had to clock to stock yesterday because my PC stopped at "Overclocking or overvoltage failed" Post Message.

But Why? it was even prime stable.

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