Resolved: [Bug Report] Yakuza 2 [PAL]
PCSX2 version: 1.5.0-dev-1856
EE/IOP/VU: Default / Preset 2 - Safe
Plugins Used: GSdx 20170127142046 (MSVC 19.00 SSE4.1/AVX) 1.1.0 - OpenGL Hardware - internal resolution 3840x2160
Description: The latest beta (or one of the recent releases) added support for Trilinear filtering in GSdx settings. Using any Trilinear option with Yakuza 2 causes many elements of the map to disappear. This affects both the in-game minimap and the pause menu full map.

With trilinear filtering enabled, map elements such as player location arrow, shops, visible roads etc do not display.

Steps to reproduce
1. In GSdx plugin configuration, select OpenGL Hardware rendering.
2. Under the 'Filtering' config option, choose any of the 3 Trilinear filtering options.
3. Confirm, and in-game observe the appearance of the minimap. Press start and observe the appearance of the menu map.
4. Go back to GSdx config options and change 'Filtering' to any of the Bilinear options.
5. Confirm, and in-game observe the map. It will now display correctly.

Here are 2 screenshots with Bilinear (PS2) filtering. This shows the correct appearance of the map in-game and when paused:
[Image: TAssZ61.jpg] [Image: uN6gxEw.png]

The next 2 screenshots are with Trilinear filtering, showing the incorrect display of the map:
[Image: vyij6eZ.jpg] [Image: Ys25CEq.png]

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I can confirm the issue, it affects Yakuza 1 as well.
Technically basic trilinear is rather safe. However it can create rounding error. Rounding error can result in wrong pixel test. For example an alpha value of 1.99 instead of 2 could discard the pixel. It could explain the missing elements, of course it would be nice to analyze the rendering to confirm it.
Thank you for your report.
This bug report has now been marked as Resolved since it has been fixed on our code base.

This thread will now be closed and moved to the resolved bug reports subforum.

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