Resolved: [Bug report] Kingdom Hearts Re: CoM [NTSC]
(09-09-2009, 11:34 PM)Bositman Wrote: You must use the PeoPs Sound plugin to not have random freezes, as said about 10 times in this thread. Did you bother reading anything?
if you mantion it, yes i did. but if you see i dont have "freezee" problem anymore, or if for you freeze = game is working but casting animation is freezed, then sorry.
Oh and im using PeoPs Soung plugin: 1.9.0 and still "freeze" on casting Gofy/Donald
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Disable microVU0 and microVU1
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(09-10-2009, 09:28 AM)Bositman Wrote: Disable microVU0 and microVU1

im not using beta version because of failed to load savestate

edit: I doubt that sound plugin did that, but after changing to sound plugin that you said now savestates in r1736 work corect but still i didnt use micro when i was playing on it and had still "freeze" but i will check once more

0.9.6 + spu2PeopsSound.dll 1.9.0 = freeze (at sumoning donald/goofy after first meet Leon)
r1736 + spu2PeopsSound.dll 1.9.0 = no freeze for now (im will be reporting after few h of play)

Thanks Bositman for you help till now Smile hope I can help this Community too Smile
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Stop using states, they can cause bugs and break the game. Load normally from the memory card, use the latest beta and PeoPs SPU2. Game works fine.
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(09-10-2009, 12:18 PM)Bositman Wrote: Stop using states, they can cause bugs and break the game. Load normally from the memory card, use the latest beta and PeoPs SPU2. Game works fine.

yeah i readed that you say not to use them but its like: you play game, no save point, freeze and to debug it you need to go back from begining and lost time to go to specific place where error occur so yeah, now if you say that game is all right then i will just be on save ;P Thanks Again !
To bad there is so little save spot cards ;P (in tt)
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After finishing second card town (i pick monestro) i got video, and freeze after it (skiping it is fine)
And on ALL videos I got chops/text is foward/video is jumping/sound is ok
Using 1736 + your sound plugin + no microVU
Oh and after ESC and back to game i got no sound ;p

// i Just wana Report this - hope i helped //
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alrighty, so I tried to play re-CoM, and due to freezing it became nigh unplayable, so I came to look if there was a solution, and while it seems to work for most, the PeoPs solution caused new headaches, I now have no sound in-game(aside from cutscenes), the sound in cutscenes is laggy(along with the video getting garbled and stuttering, along with one instance of an infinite and stuttery loop) and I've continued to experience a few freezes when trying to move between rooms... I've tried the different things, I was using SPU2-X and it was freezing after battles ended and summoning and even the odd loading screen(spinning heart in the corner)

as for numbers, using the latest beta, GSdx 1873, and at the moment PeoPs 1.9.0

EDIT: so I fixed the sound issue, seems it was likely the 2x cycle rate... but now in-game visuals have gone to all hell, in battles things bounce in and out of view with varying amounts of horribly blocky areas around them, stuttering in and out of view as I attack(the entire HUD flashes constantly while I'm attacking), enemies attack, appear, really most things... as well the game stutters when I move between screens(into battles, another room) but not all the time...

compared to KH2 this game is frustrating as hell to get working @[email protected]
A lot of you seem to recommend using PeoPs SPU for this game to avoid the random crashing but I find it actually causes it for me. Switch to SPU2-X and it's fine. Unfortunately, PeoPs is the only SPU2 plugin that allows for music to fully work (outside of FMV's).

I did manage to solve the skipping/jumpiness of cut-scenes though by enabling "Thread Mode" (although you do risk getting a very nasty sound buffer under-run with this on) but the crashing is a real game-breaker since I won't know when when it may occur. This problem applies to both v0.96 and the latest public beta (i.e SVN1888). So yeah, it's a choice of either no music or random crashing for me.

Anyhow, hopefully the SPU2-X plugin author will one day solve whatever problem prevents music in RE:COM from working.

EDIT: There seems to be a very small change that music will work in this game when SPU2-X is active but the chance is very small. After the next song tries to load, it's silent once again. Weird.

EDIT 2: Freezing only happens with P.E.O.P.S when Thread Mode is enabled. However, without thread mode, FMV's run horribly and may crash. I guess I'll have to switch settings between cutscenes (good thing they don't happen to often).
OK so what we have - ANY ONE GOT HOW TO PASS FMV FREEZE?????? SKIP IT not an answer - because last FMV for Riku you cant skip - so it mean no card and no full collection in game + ((((((((((
Hello, I am back Laugh
I recall some jap site that showed some cool tutorial on CoM. I browsed my FF history for 50 mins but I got it! Here it is:
Judging by them - they post only playable games with tweaks for 100% runnung.

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