Resolved: Force Unleashed and Star Wars 3 bugs
Hi everyone!

So I posted a bug for this before and it got moved, so I'm posting it again here plus some other bugs. I've been changing the speed hacks and some graphics options each time to achieve the best speed in SW / HW mode. Before anyone asks, I always use the latest Stable version of PCSX2. I'm currently using PCSX2 1.2.1  . I didn't bother with any Star Wars 3 screenies because you can't really capture the problems in screenshots.



50-60 FPS, No Subtitles or Health/Force bar, No Quick-action sequence buttons, Sluggish at 60FPS



Half speed

No intro splash screen, No FMVS till Subtitles

I think I've got all the bugs, but if I've missed any let me know. Anyway, any help?


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please try using the latest development build:

on the other hand, would be nice if you could reformat your bug report slightly better.
We're supposed to be working as a team, if we aren't helping and suggesting things to each other, we aren't working as a team.
- Refraction
Also might be good to split both games to independent reports.

Forced unleashed:
Do health bars flicker or how do they show up?
What happens if you play with cu clamping modes (preferable the last mode)?
About sluggishness: Do you use speedhacks?

Again are you using speedhacks?
Some FMV's just don't work in hardware mode. You can try the automatic switch to SW mode when fmv plays manual gamefix.
This is for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.

***PCSX2 versions used:*** 

***Emulation settings:*** "Safest" preset, no hacks.
***Plugins used:*** GSdx-AVX2
***Plugin settings:*** CRC Hack Level "None"

#### Hardware Specifications 
***CPU:*** Intel® Core™ i5-4690K CPU @ 3.50GHz
***GPU:*** GeForce GTX 970 (Driver: NVIDIA 358.91)

#### Description
D3D9, D3D11 and OpenGL HW renderers all have the same problem: during cutscenes and gameplay
the lower half of the screen is bugged; content is missing or gets blurred or turns to white or a combination
of all of these.
Another bug relates to the life/force gauges and the map; the color of the gauges and part of the map have the wrong drawing order - the color is above the skybox but behind trees and buildings.

Software mode fixes the bugged bottom half of the screen but the HUD bug is still there.

EE/FPU round/clamp modes do not affect the bugs.
VU round/clamp modes do not affect the bugs.
superVU and microVU have the same effect.
None of the gamefixes affect the bug.

#### Screenshots
OGL HW renderer, half the screen is bugged, life gauge is missing some color

SW mode, the whole screen is better, but the life gauge is still missing some color
***GS dump*** 

.7z   SWTFU-CorruptedHalfScreen.7z (Size: 1,74 MB / Downloads: 322)
I usually do use the dev builds but I read somewhere that no support would be given for bugs we encounter, but I'm going to try the games again now on the latest dev. I do use speedhacks and have them on the right levels to only increase the FPS, and they cause no more graphical problems than the ones I mentioned. Oh another bug in Star Wars 3 is that when you are force gripping an object, sometimes your player will just warp right up to it. It's fun when it happens in single player, but in multiplayer they can use it to their advantage. Whatever, would be better if it didn't happen tbh.

By the way, on the dev build page it says you need Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2013 but now it's 2015 and the link still points to the 2013 version.

I fixed the Star Wars 3 cutscene problem! I went to Config>Emulation Settings>Game Fixes and checked the "Switch to GSdx software rendering when an FMV plays" option. Now I can play the game full speed in hardware mode like usual, and when an fmv plays it shows the start of it because it'll be in software mode for that period of time Smile Could this fix be automatically applied only to Star Wars 3? Because normally I like to watch the FMVs in high definition, like with FFX Tongue2

Thanks .r5 you saved me having to type all that myself! I'm getting the same results as .r5, and tried so many combinations of Speed Hacks and Graphics Options but they never fix the quick-action sequences or the health & force bars.

On the latest dev with Force Unleashed, the bottom part of the screen is chopped off (for example on the loading screen, the "loading" text is only half visible, see the attached pic) but then black in-game.


For Force Unleashed, there's no difference in graphics when changing VU Clamping modes, and there's a slowdown in FPS when disabling the speedhacks ofc, but the sluggishness is still there.
*Bump* Still happening with the latest 1.4.0 release Sad
What about you post it here so that all have the information instead of such a post? How selfish can you be?
Well the issue i had turned out to be my own fault, I thought the issue was with pcsx2 but a friend sugessted I rip my game again with IMGburn and that has now fixed my problem.

Turns out my first rip was bad so sorry for the blaming the emulator. Been a while though so I'm glad to have it fixed!
His iso was corrupt. Let's just say jesalvein will pay the thread a visit if he said more than that.

Edit: There should be an anti-ninja measure in this forum. And nice change of statement there :P

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