Resolved: [GSDX] Skygunner and SW mode
Okay first thing: trying to track this bug gave me a huge headache since some revs of GSDX (seemingly random) start leaking so much memory that my computer instafreezes.

This bug seems to date from the first rev of GSDX till now (r5084).

I have attached screenies of the problem and a .gs dump.

Happy bugfixing Smile .

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Wasn't only HW that was affected by the Memory Destruction of Doom? I remember to have played some stages in Software mode just fine. =S
Other than that, don't really wanna test... me not like BSoDs.
[Image: nbKSK.jpg]
it is software mode that has issues not hardware for this game, hardware looks correct.
This one seems to be a bug in the game, the texture size for the water is set to 64x64, but the coordinates wrap around at 64x128. Real hardware works similar to the virtual memory manager, it can detect which page is read at every location and fetches data into the texture cache as needed. I just read the whole texture once and draw the triangle, if the address is outside the texture it may be memory garbage or can even crash. Normally games do not have such bugs because it would be visible, but in this case the pitch and the format of the texture makes it possible that it points to the same memory location repeating itself at every 64 pixel vertically, simply the y coordinate is not a factor in the page address calculation when the pitch is smaller than two (64 pixel units) for 8/4-bit formats.

In case you were wondering, hw mode cannot address outside the texture, it clamps or wraps it according to the texture size, not possible to set it independently.

I'm going to add some safety checks to these wrapping sizes, will be interesting to see if any other game does this.
Fixed by r5085.

Good Job Smile.
Thank you for your report.
This bug report has now been marked as Resolved since it has been fixed on our code base.

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