Resolved: [GSdx] Software mode only bug
Here are two pictures of DMC3 at the same scene. The one that is flawed is in software mode while the hardware render looks perfect. This bug was not there before, and it shouldn't be there because software mode should always be more accurate than hardware mode.

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Is this a new bug from Gabests latest SVN additions?
If so, please bring it to his attention via the commit comment function.
Gabest knows his current WIP is going to have regressions. so post to his commits, after finding the revision that did it of course.
what is commits.
The current development effort, as can be seen here:

If your GSdx version came with one of those numbers, you're using this latest, experimental code.
Seems like this software bug was introduced in GSdx r5072, as r5065 was still fine.
Please upload a gs of this scene (shift+f8) if still broken with r5076+.
Just start a new game, that scene is from the intro. Plus the PS2 logo is broken again after r5073. The PS2 logo just got fixed in r5072 too. Please fix these SW problems as they used to work, I use SW mode exclusively.
Did you consider that he may not own this game?
Here it is, gabest.

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