Resolved: GSdx can record YUV but not RGB video
with pcsx2 0.9.7 r3878, using GSdx (SSE2)

system specs:
- windows XP SP3, 32 bits
- 3 GB ram
- athlon64 X2 4400+
- geforce 6800 GT
- directX 9c

pressing F12 to record video, the dialog shows. a video will now record only if the chosen codec is YUV. if the codec is RGB, no video file appears, or a video that shows a blank frame. a wav file always appears.

the video (or possibly, just the decoding) is YUV if color (chroma) is averaged over a block of (typically) 2x2 pixels. i confirmed that i can play RGB videos without this artefact.

- "Uncompressed" records YUV

RGB codecs that failed:
- ffmpeg, uncompressed, colorspace RGB24 or RGB32
- ffmpeg, FFV1 (RGB32)
- microsoft RLE

YUV codecs that succeeded:
- Xvid
- ffmpeg, uncompressed (colorspace YUY2)

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For me, I had to make a small adjustment to GSdx's source code to make it record in RGB. Otherwise, I'm guessing GSdx will choose YUV over RGB almost every time.

Now that I think about it, this might be a helpful feature request: give the user the option to choose between RGB or YUV recording.

see my post below
Well, I had some time today... so I hacked up this patch for GSdx (rev 4529).

.txt   GSdx_4529-colorspaceGUI.patch.txt (Size: 4,5 KB / Downloads: 385)

nice patch. now i wonder if this will get into the official code.
this problem has not been fixed in pcsx2 0.98. i have to use fraps because pcsx2 can't save RGB video.
Sorry, we've totally missed this.
It's in /trunk now as of r4618, so next GSdx release will have it.
So how would you go about using patrickdinh's patch? I tried to do a quick search but they mostly come up with talk about unix or specific programs that as far as I can tell only work if the patch was made with that program.
You compile the latest GSdx from source, using MS Visual Studio.
Alternatively you could search for a compiled build on the web.
Why I didn't think to do that first I don't know. But I just grabbed 4639 and it is there.

Thanks to each of you.
That's odd. I had it working but since I've restarted my computer attempting to use RGB32 causes PCSX2 to crash. I'll just have to stick to YUV2 for the time being.

On a different note why RGB32? The output video won't have transparency so you could just remove the alpha channel and use RGB24, cutting file size by nearly 25%

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