Resolved: Incorrect Depth Order in DQ5
[Image: 2015-06-17%2003%2017%2017_zpsvohvxqve.jpg]
[Image: 2015-06-17%2003%2013%2048_zps1jddy5jy.jpg]

This has been happening last month after I tried to download PCSX 1.3.1 from the bot-build site. So would like to let the team know that DQ5 is drawing depth incorrectly.

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It was always broken on Opengl. Are you using Directx?
Yes. Using Direct9 Hardware (Native Resolution)
MTVU and Fast CDVD enabled
With a recent driver it must work with openGL too.
So older versions show correct depth order?
I Just tried it on the latest build from here:

It works perfectly on all renderers with default settings.

Quote:So older versions show correct depth order?

Yes, on dx and software, Opengl had some problems in older builds. It works well now.
Great Smile

Note: openGL requires a driver that support ARB_clip_control. You will be fine if you have a DX11-class GPU (or the open source driver....)
Forgot to tell I'm using [pcsx2-v1.3.1-530-g62beb3a-windows-x86].

The result is okay for DirectX11 (Hardware)
The problem is no BGM at all. Only SFX works. (Tried XAudio, DirectSound)
[Image: 2015-06-17%2019%2001%2039_zpsb3zwjoqw.jpg]

For OpenGL, it gives me a blank white screen.
[Image: 2015-06-17%2019%2004%2013_zps2cothwmg.jpg]

Saying this :
[Image: 2015-06-17%2019%2018%2029_zps9gclime7.jpg]

Also, DirectX 11 shows some unusual 3D drawing like this :
[Image: 2015-06-17%2019%2007%2032_zpsghxl2gfw.jpg]
idk, it looks very different from DX9, I see the jagged on every lights.
But this picture is another game, maybe I should start a new thread with it ?
Sorry openGL requires a real GPU driver... The open source driver is miles ahead of the Intel proprietary driver. You have a white screen because it failed to compile the GLSL shader.
The intel driver is not a real driver? I thought nowadays the iGPU isn't that bad.... Or is there only a lack of OGL support?

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