Resolved-Workaround: [Bug Report] Rygar (PAL)
PCSX2 Svn 1059 (tested it on rev 900+)
Gsdx 1.15 (SVN 1006; DX10 mode)
Speed hacks - no
Advanced - Default
MTGS - on/off
The game freezes on the Wandaloo logo (the white screen logo). I tested various options on/off like speed hacks and advanced hacks but nothing happened. Any info?

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Same here.
Compatibility list says the NTSC version is playable in 0.9.6...
And did you try with gsdx software mode and zerogs?
Tested all possible variants. All plugins all SSE2.3.4.1 DX9 DX10 ZERO GS and so and so... Advanced Chop/Zero to Nearest and vice versa... no effect.
Yeah known bug. It's been broken forever. I have the game handy but haven't yet had time to look into it. I'm still busy getting the new IOPrec and wxWidgets stuff finished,, so that I can fix the debugger and then (hopefully) make troubleshooting problems like that one lots easier. Smile
Jake Stine (Air) - Programmer - PCSX2 Dev Team
if you enable patches and and use patch browser and click skip mpeg and enable right when the logo appears it passes the logo ,maybe this helps
skip mpeg did not worked.
to be clear, may be i am doing something wrong:
start the game, wait until this logo starts, esc, patch browser, skip mpeg, "patch found", enable, execute (return to the game). right?
i did this in GoW1, the mpeg just cutting out. But in Rogar it is continuing and...freezes.

ops. i take my words back. It is working in 1888. I wonder why patched not working on the newer build? (2186) because it is unofficial and patches working only on official versions?
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tohdom: Patches in general aren't working in 2186. I noticed the exact same thing when I was trying to make some cheats for a few games. Haven't gotten a chance to try in the latest wxbuilds but I might try to in the next few days. By the sounds of it, the new GUI is going to be going into beta soon (that is, get a public release) so it shouldn't be too long before legacy GUI is completely outdated.
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The "skip MPEG hack" gamefix can be used as a workaround to this bug.

Thank you for your report.
This bug report has now been marked as Resolved with a workaround since it has been fixed on our code base.

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