Resolved: pcsx2 exe stays as active proces with mtvu on (specific games)
Setup pcsx2 as usual
enable speed hacks ,check mtvu ON

start game .hack any from series ->fast boot
i tried .hack 1 rebirth (SLUS_212.58) , .hack 2 Reminisce (SLUS_214.88) and .hack 3 Redemption(SLUS_214.89)
1.after initial logo (bandai namco) press escape to exit video screen or anywhere else in game after booting
2.exit emulator

pcsx2 exe stays active as process
if u repeat process it will duplicate exe for each start/exit i lost 1gb ram memory in a day Tongue it grows in memory usage also
it does NOT happen with mtvu OFF
i tried few other games none showed those problems

revision 5127+ havent tested before that ,5131 has same problem

for testers it will ask to create new save file if not existant u can escape even in that screen to exit video
result will be the same

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Known issue
[Image: newsig.jpg]
It is?
ok i will take your word for it i have done my homework and searched forum for the problem and didn't saw it posted anywhere ;-)
It helps if you let games run a bit, so they can get to 3D scenes.
thank you for clarification.
I have made a lovely bat script to counter the problem ;-)
its very easy to use
make new .bat file with this in it
@echo off
Echo Killing any double pcsx2
TASKKILL /IM pcsx2.exe /t
Echo Starting pcsx2.exe
start pcsx2.exe
Echo Press any key to kill pcsx2 after finished playing
taskkill /f /im pcsx2.exe
place it in pcsx2 folder where pcsx2.exe is located
and start emulator using that .bat -DONT close small cmd window while playing ,but after you finish playing ;-)
after exiting emulator small cmd window will still be running with "press any key to continue..." in it
-press any key and it will close all existant pcsx2.exe's
-when you first start the bat it will search and kill for any double pcsx2.exe's you might have active on pc (if they are bugged previously)

i made instructions for newbies out-there reaching for solution ;-)

I am aware that there is a autoscript in forum which checks for active plugin and close emulator if not.but as i tend to leave pcsx2 running sometimes (but without graphic window) it doesn't suit me,so i made this

script can be downloaded here:
Thank you for your report.
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