Retro Fighters Defender Pressure Sensitivity support?
Does anyone use a Retro Fighters Defender Gamepad in PCSX2? Have you gotten it to work?

The Retro Fighters Defender gamepad features pressure sensitive face buttons. My understanding is that the Retro Fighters Defender is not supported natively in PCSX2 but if you go through a process, of apparently downloading some utilities, which I'm guessing allows you to emulate the gamepad as a DS2 or a DS3, you can get pressure sensitive face buttons to work properly in PCSX2 while using this gamepad.

In this video it details what you have to do to get it all to work.

Since that video was made, there's a new version of the Defender that was released called the Defender Bluetooth Edition.

This is the gamepad I'd like to get. The difference between this one and the original defender is that for PC connectivity it utilizes a wired USB connection instead of requiring bluetooth. I prefer a wired USB controller for PCSX2, so that's why I would like to get this Defender Bluetooth Edition.

But before I buy it, I want to make sure that i can get pressure sensitive face buttons working in PCSX2 if I buy the Defender Bluetooth Edition.

In the comment sections of that video someone asked about getting the Defender Bluetooth Edition gamepad to work in PCSX2 as he did with the original Defender and he said :

"It registers as XInput over USB and Bluetooth first and even when getting it to connect in PS3 mode it doesn't work as intended. So it isn't useful for pressure sensitivity stuff right now. Would be cool if Nefarious is looking into it but I haven't checked lately."

So this comment suggests that there may be an issue getting pressure sensitivity working in PCSX2 with the Defender Bluetooth Edition. Can anyone confirm this? If someone can confirm that I can get pressure sensitive face buttons working in PCSX2 with the Defender Bluetooth Edition then I'll buy it.

I really need a gamepad to utilize pressure sensitive face buttons properly on the QT builds, and this Defender Bluetooth Edition is the gamepad I want to get. But I would like to know if anyone can confirm that pressure sensitive face buttons work with it.

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Any lucky on this? I was just searching for exactly the same (if Defender gamepad has sensitive buttons support on PCSX2)!

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