Currently I use plugins rev 3631. I wonder if there is already some new package and where to find them. I've searched the forum and could not find anything.


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any newer official plugins will be in the "downloads" section of the forum. if you want something newer you will have to compile them yourself
The latest beta and plugins can be found at the download site of this forum. If you want newer you need to compile them yourself or download them someplace else.

Edit: I guess Saiki's got the quicker draw.
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(08-28-2010, 06:35 AM)GamerGeek Wrote: Edit: I guess Saiki's got the quicker draw.

for a change, and glad to have it Tongue
Thanks guys Tongue
The above and SVN builds are WIP, no links to sites with compiled versions are allowed here (so you'd need to find one for yourself) And
no support is given in the forums for those WIPs.

The reason is clear and sensible, The sheer volume of version dependent issues could be too much, at some point it would not be possible ever to know if some issue was on the emulator's side or the user's side.

The use of SVN is encouraged but only for those users able at least to compile it, know the work it is just to do it and that are Absolutely aware they are welcome to report founded bugs, with a clear and positive and informative bug report... but ABOVE all the user must be aware the reports can't be an "asking for help", that user should be aware the risks of using WIP.
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you can also go to the main website cause they post the latest news about everything there ^_^
If I remember the last version of you is 3623. I use a 3631 version, this is not official? I'd better use of you?

I took that version of you on a website thinking it was official. Sorry if I am wrong ^ ^.

Thank you.
I'm using 3697, just don't post bug reports about it, but you can use it no problem
(08-29-2010, 03:39 PM)Saiki Wrote: I'm using 3697, just don't post bug reports about it, but you can use it no problem

I'm sure it should be fine if you post it directly on the google code, in fact it should help them squishing bug, provided that it was a valid bug report.

This forum doesn't support svn compile though (for a good reason).

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