Rev1820... Too fast
I didn't think this day would ever come, but I have the following problem:

I have the pcsx2 rev1820 version and I can't find the FPS limit anywhere (it used to be in the CPU settings, and it's nowhere to be found, not even in the graphics plugin (GsDX rev1763).

I'm playing FF12 (which used to be slow as hell) and it's just too fast: about 100-120 FPS indoors and 70-80 outdoors. The voices skip and it sounds awkward.

So, can anyone tell me where the FPS limiter is?

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I think this won't be helped. They're trying to fix things with all new revs. They said somewhere that all after the latest public beta won't be supported because of them trying to integrate the new graphics or something?

Anyway, check with other games? Use a different version?
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there is no fps limiter yet.
Plus, you shouldn't ask for support on this rev, as it's considered unstable and not opened to public support.
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The latest wx revisions are highly unstable and incomplete.
We're not supporting them on this forum yet for this reason.

We know its lacking a bunch of features like framelimiter, frameskip, saved states, clamp modes, round modes, patch browser, memcard browser, etc...

Coding a threaded cross-platform GUI is a lot harder and time consuming than it looks.

For a reliable version of pcsx2 use our latest beta
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There's no frame limiter in the new gui, besides:
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