Reverse making PS2 ISO from Files
I am trying to make a PS2 iso from scattered files.
So the case is that I am trying to "mod" a PS2 iso file by extracting its contents, make alterations directly in separate file formats, and then compile the whole thing back together into an iso. But before all that, I am having difficulties with my control group, i.e. simply extracting the files and recompiling them back together without alterations. The iso that is made from the exact files extracted from the original iso could not be recognized by neither my PS2 nor the emulator. So I was wondering whether someone here could provide me with some insight into the problem. Thx

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All the IRX files need to be on the disc before the SYSTEM.CNF file, its some stupid rule about libraries needing to be on the disc first, not sure why exactly... Of course it's quite difficult to do this with standard iso tools, so you need something like Sony's Playstation DVD Creator (which we will not link to here). There might be other tools, but you will need to google them.
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There are or may be dozens of hidden files inside a PS2 iso that by just telling to extract them and recopiling them wont work because first of all the extractor can't extract all of them, so you will be missing files. There are alot of situations you cant do anything about it but on the ones you can you need special tools plus knowledge.

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