Reverse save migration
Hi all,

I was wondering if it is possible to copy a save file from PCSX2 back to a memory card so that I can play on my actual PS2?

Also, is it possible to migrate over save files from PCSX into PCSX2?

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Quote:Exporting saves from a PCSX2 memory card:-

In the list of saves currently on your memory card, click on the one you would like to extract. Click File -> Export, and choose a location to place the extracted save.
In the "Save as type" drop down box, choose a format. myMC only supports .psu and .max for exporting. PSU is a format originally created by HKEMS for a game save transfer device.
This format preserves all of the PS2 specific flags and timestamps that may be in the save. This format can also be read by the PS2 Homebrew application uLaunchElf. MAX is a format used by Action Replay cheat devices.
If you need some OTHER format, export the file as .psu and see the step below. Once you've got the save extracted, do whatever you want with it. Upload it to GameFAQS, email it to a friend, transfer it to your PS2 etc.
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not sure about the psx saves

Use MyMC to export your game saves from the PCSX2 memory card. Copy the exported PSU file to a flash drive. Put the flash drive in your PS2. Use ULaunchElf to copy the PSU file to the root of your PS2 memory card
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Thanks guys, I'll make a separate thread for the PCSX saves.

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